Chelsea Grate

Chelsea Grate was traveling the world as a competitive figure skater until she broke her back and hung up her skates. That was just one of her lives before she turned to writing.

Chelsea GrateA Texas native, she went on to graduate in Comparative Literature from Harvard, and then became a lawyer for a big San Francisco firm, representing public and private companies in mergers and acquisitions and advising nonprofits.

She moved to Los Angeles to attend USC’s Peter Stark Producing Program and began her industry career as a researcher on For the People (ABC) and was promoted to staff writer. She has produced a podcast with Marcia Clark and a pilot for New Form.

She has spent time in Paris, honing her French and studying existentialism and in Italy, translating plays and learning to make pasta.

Chelsea is repped by Echo Lake and attorney Ryan Nord.


The structure of the templates and exercises helped push the boundaries in my second pilot. It got me thinking about my first pilot as well. I also really enjoyed Chelsea as an instructor. She was great at making us feel like a team working on our process and not as someone above us even with her accomplishments thus far. She always felt honest about things both writing and industry-wise. You can see her love and passion for TV and the story. Her unique background also gave me hope in transitioning into a new career.

— Benny Blandino

Script Anatomy classes allow for a much smaller group and more fine-tuned focus on TV writing than I was able to get in previous screenwriting classes. The intensive drops you in with a quick refresher course on conceits, structure, and basics before diving into workshopping and writing. Chelsea explained the ins and outs of navigating story beats and outlines in a way that made my story open up to me. Before this, I struggled with over-explaining and dialogue-driven exposition. Chelsea worked with me on the necessary information and the most visual ways to convey and shorthand. Her notes are insightful and nuanced. I miss them already. With her help, I finished my favorite draft of anything to date, and this pilot has since gotten very nice feedback from executives. Next, I revise and get ready for fellowship season. If I’m ever stuck again, I will definitely take another class with her. Thank you so much, SA and Chelsea!

— Kirby Marshall-Collins

Chelsea’s notes each week were invaluable. I really learned and grew from the feedback.

— Lisa Steadman

Chelsea was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and very invested in her writers’ success. She gave some amazing perspective and wonderful feedback throughout the five-week course. Using the Script Anatomy tools and Chelsea’s teachings has given me a newfound ability to break through very specific blocks in my writing, and I now have a super solid outline that I can use to jump right into the heart of my newest pilot!
— Vanisha Renee Pierce

Chelsea was a wonderful teacher. She explained everything thoroughly and always took time to answer everyone’s questions. Also, I found her notes to be very helpful and accurate and always pushed me to dig a little deeper. I would highly recommend her class to any new or experienced writer.
— Dia Frampton


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