Script Anatomy offers a suite of feature writing classes taught by instructors who are all working feature writers.

We teach a consistent curriculum, a hands-on applicable writing process built on Script Anatomy’s unique writing tools. So, while instructors each bring individual expertise and experience, the core lessons in each course are the same. Expect step-by-step feedback; deadlines; and a dynamic and supportive classroom.

In addition to the summaries of classes below, check out the testimonial videos by alumni—they often speak about the particular classes they’ve taken. 

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Students in a screenwriting class

Feature Development Lab

The feature version of Televisionary, this course will take you from concept to outline over 5 weeks by applying Script Anatomy’s tools. Suitable for new and experienced writers both.

This is the course upon which all of our feature writing courses are built. Each week, you will learn a new writing tool, and then receive a corresponding assignment in which you apply it to your own project. You will also receive weekly feedback from your instructor and your peers, providing you with an honest evaluation of your material in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Expect to work hard, this is an intensive course. You’ll learn about hooks, arena, loglines, the elevator pitch’, story structure, three act structure, character development, dynamic relationships, transformational arcs, stakes and conflict, dilemma, theme and more. What you’ll learn here will sustain you throughout your career.

Your instructor will share his/her experience on breaking into the business, navigating pitfalls, selling projects. If you’re new to Script Anatomy, and serious about your feature, this is the place to start.

5 weeks / 9 writers max

For the next Feature Development Lab, please check the Class Calendar.

Feature Draft Intensive

The logical next step after Feature Development Lab. If you have a completed outline and are ready to write your draft, this is the class for you. Three sessions, with a week of prep work before you start. Draft One!

Perhaps you have a draft that needs to be rewritten? Or you just want deadlines and feedback as you head into draft? This course will help you get that unfinished project written and polished while reviewing Core Structure and other key elements. You will learn to deepen emotional moments, amp up stakes, chart your character’s transformational arc, and illustrate themes.

In the pre-class prep week you’ll hand in your outline and read a comedy or drama script chosen by the screenwriting instructor. Then, in Week 1 you’ll get notes on your outline from your peers and instructor. In Weeks 2 and 3, you get notes on the first and second halves of your scripts.

1 Week Prep + 4 weeks Class/ 6 writers max

Required: Feature Development Lab or equivalent experience.

For the next Feature Lab Draft Intensive, please check the Class Calendar.

Feature Pitch Lab

Pitching is critical, it can turn a career. Why not sell a pitch and get paid to write your feature, rather than write it on spec? This hands-on, 4-week intensive shows you how.

This course pulls back the curtain on a process that is usually only experienced by high-level screenwriters. You’ll learn everything from how to craft your pitch pages to what’s expected when you pitch producers and studios. Just as your spec feature has a recognizable story and structure, so does your pitch.

Instructor Jeff Howard has sold multiple pitches and is best known for co-writing Oculus and Gerald’s Game. In the first class, Jeff will pitch you a feature he’s taking out to studios so you can see how it’s done. You’ll then learn to reverse engineer your feature into a professional pitch. And in the last class, you will pitch Jeff (and the class) your movie and get feedback.

1 Week Prep + 3 Week class / 8 writers max

Required: At least one Script Anatomy class or relevant experience.

For the next Feature Pitch Lab, please check the Class Calendar.

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