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We offer a range of short workshops about aspects of craft and the industry. Consider them a supplement to our classes, and an introduction to some of Script Anatomy’s instructors.

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From Idea To Script: Screenwriting First Steps

“Great idea, that should be a TV show/movie!” Has anyone ever said that to you? This fun, 3 hour workshop will help you build your idea into a viable screenplay. A perfect introduction for beginners.

Kevin Townsley

We’ve all had that one idea that’s just begging to be put on screen. But where to begin? If you’re new to screenwriting, or if you’re just a writer who struggles to get started, this is the workshop for you.

Instructor Kevin Townsley, will show you how to create a foundation for your idea, to make sure it has legs, by using one of Script Anatomy’s signature tools. Students will receive the Foundation Tool before the workshop begins, and then Kevin will take you through it, section by section, considering the title, the concept, the main character and much more. There will be plenty of examples and visuals and real life stories from the instructor. Students may ask questions at any time.

And at the end, an hour will be given to a general Q&A in which students can ask about the writing process, working in Hollywood, and anything else connected to the TV and film industries. If you’ve ever thought about writing a movie or a show, this is the place to start.

Please continue to check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR for the next one.

Instructor: Kevin Townsley

COST: $60


In this 4-hour workshop we will go over 35 different techniques using comedy and drama examples from current television shows and feature films. Bring a scene and participate - put the techniques to work!

Ali LaventholGreat dialogue is the key to making your script exceptional. Who will ever forget, “There’s no place like home?” or “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose?”. Want to learn how to craft undeniable dialogue?

In addition to covering a wide range of dialogue techniques, we will showcase video clips so you can hear the dialogue in action. We’ll discuss ways to make your dialogue sound more conversational, talk about subtext, comic contrasts and parallel construction, tools for handling things like exposition, and much more.

Each participant will also bring a scene from one of their scripts and use it during an in-class exercise to put the techniques into practice. The workshop will leave you with skills you’ll be able to apply to any scene moving forward in your career.  Writing great dialogue is essential to your craft, ensuring that your material stands out.

Please continue to check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR for the next one.

Instructor: Ali Laventhol

COST: $90

Ultimate Short Film Workshop

Do you want to make a short film but you’re not sure how? Are you excited by writing short form content but intimidated by the practicalities of how to actually make it and release it? Look no further.

Molly Anne CooganThis 3 hour intensive will cover everything creators need to know about making a great, quality short. A to Z.

People are makings short films more and more these days. The value of a short film that you can send to executives, cannot be underestimated. If you have a gripping, professional short that sums up your style and voice in 6-12 minutes, executives can get a taste of who you are as an artist without having to read an entire script.

In this workshop we will cover it all. How to come up with a script idea. Desired length for maximum exposure. Budgets (where to save and where not to skimp). Contracts and legally protecting yourself and your work. Crowdfunding, grants, gear, festivals and what you need to have on hand to successfully release your project into the world.

Please continue to check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR for the next one.

Instructor: Molly Anne Coogan

COST: $90

How to Produce Your Indie Movie

Why wait for permission to make your movie when you can do it yourself? This 3-hour intensive workshop shows you how to turn your kick-ass script into a finished movie.

Gabby Revilla LugoMore and more people are going the independent route now. But where do you start? Instructor Gabby Revilla Lugo will show you.

Most recently, Gabby has produced Palm Springs (with Andy Samberg) and The Starling (Melissa McCarthy). Previously she has produced several indie movies like Drunk Wedding, Fat Kid Rules The World, and Damian Chazelle’s short, Whiplash.

We will discuss attaching talent, finding the right producer, figuring out the budget, financing, dealing with foreign sales. And finally, how to approach festivals and distribution.

Knowing your options is critical. If there’s an indie movie you want to make, or if you just want to learn more about the process, don’t miss this introduction into producing for screenwriters.

Please continue to check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR for the next one.

Instructor: Gabby Revilla Lugo

COST: $90

TV Writing Fellowship Bio & Essay Workshop

Script Anatomy alums have won 57 major studio fellowships, and many non-studio fellowships besides. This workshop is one of the reasons.

Tawnya BhattacharyaA compelling Fellowship Bio and Essay is the precursor to so many successful writing careers.

In this 3-hour TV Writer Workshop, we will deconstruct successful TV writing fellowship essays, analyze why they work, and help you articulate the symbiotic relationship between your life story and your brand as a TV writer in 500 words or less.

Alum Felicia Pride said, “this workshop is very helpful when it comes to applications.” Felicia became a 2017/2018 NBC Writer on the Verge. Also, see alum Brian Shin’s endorsement on our testimonials page.

This workshop is taught by Script Anatomy founder, Tawnya Bhattacharya, an alumna of both NBC Writers on the Verge and Fox Writers Intensive.

For our next workshop, please check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR.

Instructor: Tawnya Bhattacharya

COST: $95

The New… TV Fellowship Workshop

A 2 week course created as an extended companion to the Bio & Essay workshop above. There is no clearer path to a TV writing career than the fellowships and writing programs.

Tawnya BhattacharyaSince 2014, Script Anatomy alumni have won 117 writing fellowships, 57 of them with major studios. That’s 10-12 writers per year who qualify for HBO ACCESS, Warner Brothers Writers Workshop, Disney|ABC Writing Program, FOX Writers Intensive, NBC Writers on the Verge, CBS Writers Mentoring Program, Sundance Episodic Lab, Nickelodeon Writing Program, The Cape and National Hispanic Media Coalition. Given the size of Script Anatomy, that’s an unprecedented number.

Let us help you get those applications ready.

This 2 Session, 3-hour, FELLOWSHIP BOOTCAMP is a fun and lively course. Your instructor—an alum of the Warner Bros program herself—will guide you through finding your unique and compelling personal story and then executing it in your submission materials. Those of you have applied before know how grueling the application process can be, but Hollie makes it fun and engaging.

Every year, the number of applicants keeps going up, so it’s more important than ever to make your resume, personal statements, bios and essays stand out from the crowd. For the next TV Fellowship Bootcamp, please check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR.

Instructor: Tawnya Bhattacharya

2 classes / 3-hour sessions / 10 writers max

COST: $275


In this 4-hour workshop (3-hour online) you will learn to create memorable, active characters with strong needs, wants, motivation and drive. Characters that stick with you.

Rowan WheelerKatie Gruel

Expertly-crafted twists and shocking obstacles mean nothing if you can’t get the audience to care about your characters. Plot is character and character is plot.

Creating a unique, complex and compelling character to anchor your television series is one of the most important things to focus on when developing a pitch or writing a pilot. With TV you want your audience to fall in love with, and come back week to week for these characters, and see them grow over the course of several seasons.

So how do you get started on created a Don Draper or Tony Soprano, or a Dexter, a Frasier or Niles? In this workshop we’ll show you how to develop a three-dimensional human being instead of just an archetype. Bring your characters to workshop, let’s bring them to life!

Please continue to check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR for the next one.

Instructor(s): Rowan Wheeler (In-Person) & Katie Gruel (Online)

COST: $90

Pilot Kickstart Workshop

For an introduction to what we do at Script Anatomy - a quick immersion - then this dynamic and comprehensive 4-hour TV pilot workshop (3 hours online) is just the thing.

Erinne DobsonWe’ll give you a toolkit covering the critical elements needed in the pilot development and writing process, including loglines, conceits, what makes a compelling main character, flaws, core wound, redeemable traits and goals, how to create a strong story engine, stakes, antagonists and theme, as well as core structural beats.

Please continue to check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR for the next workshop.

Instructor: Erinne Dobson (also ONLINE)

COST: $90

Inside the Writers Room Workshop

Your dream has come true. After years of grinding you have finally got staffed! But then fear sets in: what’s it like in the writers’ room? How should I behave? You're in the right place.

Kevin Townsley“Inside The Writers Room Workshop” pulls back the curtain on this elusive world. In this 3 hour TV Writer Workshop, all of your questions will be answered, and you will also experience what’s it’s like to “break” a story with other writers.

This workshop is available in two versions – for COMEDY rooms and DRAMA rooms.

Every writer thinks they’re going to be staffed on “This is Us” (drama) or “Search Party” (comedy). But the harsh truth is you’ll probably get staffed on a show you’d never watch, don’t like, or that will be cancelled after it’s first season. Still, you have to be passionate about every opportunity.

Your homework will be to watch the pilot (and ONLY the pilot) and read the script of a cancelled show the teacher will select. The workshop will be a “mock room” of your first day on the job where we will break a NEW episode two of the series as if the actual 2nd episode never aired.

The spirit of this three-hour workshop is to learn and have fun, but most importantly you’ll get insight into your future career and who you’ll be in the room. After the mock room session everyone will be given individual feedback and the instructor will go over the Dos and Don’ts of being in a writers room.

You will receive the pilot script and streaming links TWO WEEKS BEFORE the start of the workshop. Please read and watch the pilot before class.

*Limit is 15 writers.

Please continue to check our WORKSHOP CALENDAR for the next workshop.

Instructor: Kevin Townsley

COST: $90


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