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A Three Day Event on Zoom for TV & Feature Film writers.

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We’re offering six workshops over a 3-day weekend, each with a Q&A at the end—character, scene, dialogue, theme, the full line-up is below. You can either buy individual workshops at $95 each, or… come for the whole festival!

A FESTIVAL PASS gets you all six workshops for the price of four, plus exclusive access to the special events and extras—a Live Showrunner Panel, a Networking Mixer and three “In The Biz” craft talks by special guests in the industry, sent to your email each morning.

Join us. It’ll raise your game.

Festival Pass

Screenwriting Craft Festival Pass


++ Networking Mixer (Friday night) ++

++ Live Showrunner Panel (Saturday night) ++

++ Three “In the Biz” Craft Talks in your email from special industry guests ++

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COST: $380

Festival Line-Up

If you’re not buying a FESTIVAL PASS, you can buy the workshops individually below. But only Festival Pass holders get access to all the extras (the Showrunner Panel, the Networking Mixer, the Craft Talks sent to your email).

FRIDAY, nov 5th – 9am to 12pm PDT

Crafting Memorable Characters

INSTRUCTOR: Connor Pritchard

COST: $95

Unforgettable character work can make an exec buy a pitch in the room, persuade an actor to take the role, and make an audience tune in each week. That’s why creating a unique, complex and compelling character to anchor your television series or feature may be the most important thing to focus on when developing a pitch or writing a pilot/spec.

In this 3 hour workshop, the co-creator of Workaholics (Comedy Central) and Lets Get Physical (Pop TV) will show you how to create memorable, active characters with strong needs, wants, motivation and drive so that audiences invest in their journey.

FRIDAY, nov 5th – 2PM to 5pm PDT

World Building in Sci-fi/Genre


COST: $95

Kickstart the development of your science fiction/fantasy TV pilot or feature. We’ll cover all the fundamentals: how to formulate your idea and/or engine, create legendary characters, tell fantastic(al) stories, shape otherworldly-worlds, maintain internal logics, gather the facts on hard science/technology, brew fresh magic (fantasy), and forge mythical creatures. Come with an idea or get inspired during our time together.

In this 3 hour workshop, the former Executive Editor at Oxford University Press and a Senior Editor at Simon & Schuster will be your guide in world building your next TV show or feature idea. There will also be writing exercises and selected feedback.

Saturday, nov 6th – 9AM to 12pm PDT

TV Structure Bootcamp

INSTRUCTOR: Kevin Townsley

COST: $95

A lot of writers have a knack for dialogue but fall short when it comes to understanding TV and feature structure. No matter how clever or funny or witty your dialogue is, if your structure isn’t working then executives, agents, managers and showrunners will never respond to your material.

You’ll learn how to break story and come up with all the scenes for an episode or feature by focusing on the beats of the story, not the details. In this 3 hour workshop, the writer from Lie to Me (Fox) and Good Times (Netflix) will show you the cheat sheet to structure that professional writers use.

Saturday, nov 6th – 2pm to 5pm PDT

Theme and Getting to the Heart of Your Story

INSTRUCTOR: Ali Laventhol

COST: $95

Theme is an essential ingredient in storytelling. It is the foundation on which your story is built—the spine, the core, the heart and soul. Theme gives depth and meaning to action and purpose to characters. It connects us emotionally and makes us care. And yet, many writers struggle with it. It’s often the first thing to go missing in a script.

In this 3 hour workshop, the writer from My Life With The Walter Boys (Netflix) and Salsa (Apple +) will demystify theme and explain how writers can implement theme in their stories in order to have greater emotional impact.

SUNDAY, nov 7th – 9am to 12pm PDT

The Art of the Scene

INSTRUCTOR: Omaira Galarza

COST: $95

Take a deep dive into scene work to give your writing maximum impact. You’ll get dozens of tips and techniques to help you elevate your scene work to the next level by learning to exploit and maximize character, conflict and stakes, world, tone, exposition, beats, transitions, buttons, and more.

In this 3 hour workshop, the writer from East Los High (Hulu) and Station 19 (ABC) will take you through different types of scenes, the purpose and expectations of a scene, and scene structure.

SUNDAY, nov 7th – 2pm to 5pm PDT

How To Write Killer Dialogue

INSTRUCTOR: Tawnya Benavides Bhattacharya

COST: $95

Great dialogue is the key to making your script exceptional. Who will ever forget, “There’s no place like home?” or “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose?”. We’ll use video clips as case studies, discuss ways to make your dialogue sound more conversational, talk about subtext, comic contrasts and tools for handling things like exposition, and much more.

In this 3 hour workshop, the founder of Script Anatomy and the writer from My Life With The Walter Boys (Netflix) and Salsa (Apple +) will go over 35 different techniques using comedy and drama examples from current television shows and feature films.


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