Televisionary (Comedy & Drama)

Apr 16 to May 21 — Tuesdays, 6:30pm-9:30pm (PT)

Instructor: Jimmy Mosqueda

Televisionary is the foundation of the Script Anatomy Curriculum. An intensive 5-week course that is perfect for both new and working writers who want to elevate their scripts by applying Script Anatomy’s unique tools.

*Whatever your level—and whether you’re working on a DRAMA TV spec or DRAMA original pilot—this course will help you advance.*

Your instructor will guide you through the Script Anatomy tools, a tried and tested process of crafting your script from concept to outline. Each week, you will receive lectures about the tools, and then a corresponding assignment in which you will apply those tools to your own project. And you will receive weekly peer feedback and instructor critique, providing you with an honest evaluation of your material in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Like all Script Anatomy courses, it’s highly applicable and hands-on, and it prepares you for life as a professional writer. All of our successful alumni have taken this course, many of them several times. As Rowan Wheeler says in our introductory video, the techniques you learn in Televisionary will sustain you throughout your career.

On Zoom we offer two tiers—

Tier 1 is the full course with lessons + feedback

Tier 2 students only attend lectures but receive no feedback on their projects, nor do they see Tier 1 students’ feedback.

Classes cover: Hooks/Concepts / Arena / Loglines & Pitching / TV Story Structure / Strong Act Outs / Tone & Genre Expectation / Character Development / Dynamic Relationships / Conflict and Obstacles / Dilemmas & Goals / Stakes / Theme

Testimonial: “Holy cow! Jimmy’s Televisionary teaching was an absolute earth shaker of a class. He’s attentive, specific, and so mind boggling informative. He helped me follow my nugget of an idea to an absolute gold mine. With the tools and his keen narrative eye, I was able to untangle any of the structural kinks I came across in my series. This was first Script Anatomy class and I immediately signed up for another. Jimmy is an absolute rockstar.” —Whitney Chitwood

When: Apr 16 / Apr 23 / Apr 30 / May 7 / May 21

*OFF May 14 for Outlines


Cost for Tier 1: $630 / 12 writers max

Cost for Tier 2: $450 / 15 writers max

Click here for our refund policy.

PHOTO / VIDEO DISCLAIMER: Script Anatomy reserves the exclusive right to use any photograph/video/audio taken at any Script Anatomy class, without requiring the permission of those included within the photograph/video. Script Anatomy may use the photograph/video/audio for educational, commercial, marketing or publicity purposes without limitation, and in perpetuity.

INSTRUCTOR DISCLAIMER: Since all of Script Anatomy’s instructors are working writers, opportunities sometimes arise in their careers that prohibit them from teaching. Change of instructor doesn’t qualify you, the student, a refund unless that refund falls under our normal refund rules. By paying and signing up for this class you are acknowledging and agreeing that the original instructor of this class my change before the class begins.






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