TV World Building Class

Nov 1 to Dec 20 — Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 9:30pm (PDT)

Instructor: Alex Raiman

World building isn’t just for genre stories. Whether your main characters are elves, androids, basketball players or politicians, world building is a crucial element of storytelling. When it’s done right, a script with a well developed world can provide your audience with a thrilling and fascinating new experience, told with a sense of clarity, confidence and ease.

If you’re toying with an idea set in any kind of world that will feel new for an audience, the newly launched World Building Lab is perfect for you, with a curriculum that’s tailored for both new and experienced writers. Over 7 weeks, you’ll take your original pilot idea from concept to outline by applying Script Anatomy’s unique World Building Tools.

Each week your instructor will give you a lesson about a particular writing tool, followed by a corresponding assignment to apply to your project. You will also receive weekly peer feedback and instructor critique, providing you with an honest evaluation of your material in a fun and supportive environment that mimics a real TV writers’ room.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn effective strategies and techniques for using drama and conflict to yield exposition. You’ll learn how to explore your world with a sense of clarity and efficiency, so your audience never feels confused or overwhelmed. You’ll work with your instructor and your classmates to develop a dynamic protagonist and figure out where they fit in this world. You’ll learn about structure, hooks, act outs, dynamic relationships, stakes, dilemmas, themes, and everything else you’ll need to write a pilot that jumps off the page and helps advance your career.

Expect to work hard and be challenged. The World Building Lab is a demanding course, but the lessons you’ll learn throughout will prove invaluable in developing your skills as a storyteller.

*Sign up early! 1 week of prep work using Script Anatomy Development Tools*

Required: Televisionary or equivalent experience.

Testimonial:Alex was the perfect balance of personable yet serious about helping us learn this craft. He presented the material in an entertaining and easily digestible manner and was generous with helping us with his industry experience. Students can tell when an instructor cares about them—Alex was invested in us and cared about our projects being the best they could be. He met each individual where they were at creatively, and guided each project uniquely. A big thank you to Alex!Jami Dittus

When: Nov 1 / Nov 8 / Nov 15 / Nov 29 / Dec 6 / Dec 20

*OFF Nov 22 for Thanksgiving Holiday

*OFF Dec 13 for Outlines

Place:  Online (Zoom)

Cost: $725

Limit 10 writers

Click here for our refund policy.

PHOTO / VIDEO DISCLAIMER: Script Anatomy reserves the exclusive right to use any photograph/video/audio taken at any Script Anatomy class, without requiring the permission of those included within the photograph/video. Script Anatomy may use the photograph/video/audio for educational, commercial, marketing or publicity purposes without limitation, and in perpetuity.

INSTRUCTOR DISCLAIMER: Since all of Script Anatomy’s instructors are working writers, opportunities sometimes arise in their careers that prohibit them from teaching. Change of instructor doesn’t qualify you, the student, a refund unless that refund falls under our normal refund rules. By paying and signing up for this class you are acknowledging and agreeing that the original instructor of this class may change before the class begins.

Please note that classes are for individuals aged 18 and older.


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