TV Pilot Lab (Drama)

Feb 1 to Mar 29 — Tuesdays, 6:00pm-10:00pm (PDT)

Instructor: Jim Galasso

You need at least one exceptional original pilot to break into the business.

The TV Drama Pilot Lab is a 6-week intensive course that requires 2 weeks of prep before class begins. Using Script Anatomy tools, you will develop, outline and write your TV drama pilot at a pace expected in the TV industry.

This class runs like a professional writers room. You’ll put your story on the board and pitch it to the class just like in a proper writers room. And at every stage of the process, you will work the Script Anatomy tools and get notes. Along the way, there will be lessons about writing and also about aspects of the business like breaking in, managing your representation and so on.

Students are required to devote time to homework and writing, and to reading other classmates’ work to provide feedback. They are expected to actively participate in the development and story breaking process. In a professional writers room, you must participate if you want to keep your job! Working this muscle will benefit you.

This class is designed to prepare you for your first job writing for TV. And the experience is invaluable. Check out Lisa Bao’s video.

Required: Televisionary or equivalent experience.

*Sign up early! There are at least two weeks of prep work to complete.*

Testimonial: Jim Galasso was an utter blast to work with. He went so far above and beyond what the class called for and his investment in everyone’s success was absolutely palpable. Grace and pinpoint precision characterized all of his notes and guidance; and each class felt like a living, breathing, working writers room with ample space for conversation and immaculately cultivated collaboration. I’ll truly treasure the experience of being taught by Jim and will carry the knowledge he imparted far into the future. Certainly, I’ll be tripping over myself to work with him again at the first opportunity. He is encouraging, caring, a trove of knowledge, and a true gem of a person.”

— Whitney Chitwood

When: Feb 1 / Feb 8 / Feb 15 / Feb 22 / Mar 8 / Mar 29

*OFF Mar 1 for Outlines, Mar 15 & Mar 22 for Scripted drafts


Cost: $850.00

Limit 8 writers

Click here for our refund policy. 

PHOTO / VIDEO DISCLAIMER: Script Anatomy reserves the exclusive right to use any photograph/video/audio taken at any Script Anatomy class, without requiring the permission of those included within the photograph/video. Script Anatomy may use the photograph/video/audio for educational, commercial, marketing or publicity purposes without limitation, and in perpetuity.

INSTRUCTOR DISCLAIMER: Since all of Script Anatomy’s instructors are working writers, opportunities sometimes arise in their careers that prohibit them from teaching. Change of instructor doesn’t qualify you, the student, a refund unless that refund falls under our normal refund rules. By paying and signing up for this class you are acknowledging and agreeing that the original instructor of this class may change before the class begins.

Please note that classes are for individuals aged 18 and older.


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