Brad Bauner

Despite graduating with a musical theater performance degree, Brad eventually learned that his voice is better used on the page than on the stage.

Brad BaunerOriginally from Noblesville, Indiana, Brad earned his degree from the University of Miami with a minor in theater management. After college, he moved to New York where he was the Associate General Manager of STOMP and a producer for two theaters in San Francisco. While he traveled the country searching for quality shows, he decided to start creating his own.

After nine years in New York, Brad moved to LA to pursue TV writing. He staffed on Craig Wright’s MTV hour-long dramedy Underemployed and then developed a screenplay with Craig Wright and a pilot with producers Renee Kurtz and Sandy Stern. He’s currently developing a pilot with Screen to Stage Entertainment. His work has been featured four times in the WGA’s LGBTQ+ Scene, which highlights writers who create work that encapsulates the experience of the LGBTQ+ community.

A long-time dance fan with two left feet, Brad has worked with top choreographers in Los Angeles to create narrative pieces. He’s currently developing a live stage show with La La Land and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist choreographer Mandy Moore. Brad also recently wrote for the Cheer Live national tour, featuring the cast of the Emmy-winning Netflix docuseries Cheer.

During the 2020 quarantine, Brad wrote his first novel and co-founded the non-profit organization Share The Movement, which aims to increase diversity in the professional dance industry by providing financial, educational, and inspirational support to promising young BIPOC dancers.

You can find him on Instagram @BradBauner


I can’t say enough about how valuable I found both the content and instructor for the Televisionary class. Super kind and encouraging, Brad helped me zero in on which idea to focus on and then guided me from my vague concept to a strong outline I’m excited to continue developing. Brad has the ability to quickly pinpoint ways to improve your story through incredibly thoughtful notes, awesome pitches, and honest, timely feedback. I also found beneficial the personal stories he shared, as well as his tips and resources. He not only understood the especially nuanced world I set out to build, but also provided specific suggestions that elevated my story even more. Thanks to Brad and the positive environment he created, I walked away feeling inspired and can happily say I have a project that will help propel my career. I look forward to taking more classes with Brad and Script Anatomy in the future!

— Denise Marinez

I couldn’t have asked for a better Televisionary teacher. Brad really knows his stuff. He is approachable, engaging and you can tell he loves teaching. His feedback each week was always incredibly thoughtful and helped so much in pushing my writing forward. I really feel lucky to have had him as my teacher.

— Carri Z

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help kick off my midlife crisis than Brad. My most recent writing project was 20 years ago and I was ready to get back to doing what I love. I had a story, but no real plan for how to tell it. Brad shared meaningful guidance and personal insights that helped my story take shape. Using his feedback and the Script Anatomy tools, I created an outline that I’m truly proud of. I’m currently writing my first draft in two decades thanks to this class.

— Elwood Kidd


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