The Business of TV Writing for the Emerging TV Writer with Gil Hizon

Looking to secure an agent or manager?

Need to know what to expect from your new agent or manager?

Do you need help making industry connections and maintaining relationships with them?

Are you looking to learn what to expect/how to behave in a meeting with a network executive or a showrunner?


Learn how to efficiently navigate your journey as an emerging TV writer with…



Getting Repped, Taking Meetings and Building Your Industry Contacts List

Instructor: Gil Hizon


TV writing is not just a craft. It’s also a business. In this tough and competitive industry, being familiar with the day-to-day aspects of managing your business, whether it’s acquiring representation, dealing with your reps, knowing when to follow up with an executive, or just learning how to behave in a general meeting can make a huge impact towards getting ahead in your career.

In this 2 hour TV workshop, Gil will teach you how to efficiently navigate your journey as an emerging TV writer, between acquiring representation, getting more meetings, and building lasting relationships with your industry connections.

Whether you have a couple of scripts under your belt or an entire body of work, the tools you’ll learn in this workshop will help you come up with better strategies for managing your TV writing career path.


“Gil understands that it’s not only writing that makes you a writer, but has a clear understanding of the industry — he uses strategic business knowledge for the independent writer, incorporating networking and an organized business plan that’ll move your career to the next level.”

— Eli Benavidez, TV Writer

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Gil’s insightful notes. He quickly gets to the heart of the matter and helps writers think about their scripts from a completely different angle. Gil is meticulous and an endless source of encouragement. I can’t recommend him enough!”

— Sabrina Almeida, 2017 CBS Writers Mentoring Program, 2015 NHMC TV Writers Program

“Gil is one of the hardest working writers I know. His tireless commitment to the craft not only shows in his multitude of completed projects, but in his contribution to the development of other writers. Gil’s insight and razor-sharp humor add a unique perspective to even the most polished of scripts.”

— Paul Ditty, TV Writer


When: Saturday, June 17th, 2:30-4:30pm

Where: Blank Spaces, 5405 Wilshire Blvd. (entrance on Cloverdale), Los Angeles, CA 90036

Cost: $40

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