TV Classes


ART OF THE PITCH – Crafting a TV Pitch That Sings

So you’ve got a compelling story. You love your characters. The world is fascinating. You have universal themes that resonate. Now what? How can you sell that brilliant vision to another person? It’s time to pitch. Learn how in…  Script Anatomy’s Pitch Workshop  This 4 session intensive is limited to 8 people and will give you the [More…]

The Televisionary Writers Workshop: From Concept to Outline

In this intensive 6-week TV workshop, writers have the option to focus on a TV spec or an original pilot. Your instructor will guide you step-by-step through the process of crafting your script from concept to solid outline using Script Anatomy tools. This applicable and hands-on course will help prepare you for staffing, development, and studio [More…]

TV Spec & Pilot Draft Intensive

This course is perfect for writers who have completed an outline and are ready to write their TV spec or pilot draft while reviewing and revising core structure and other key elements. Starting with a pre-class PREP week, writers will read a selected comedy or drama script chosen by the Instructor as well as hand in their outline in its [More…]

Advanced TV Spec Lab

In this 2 week prep + 4-week intensive lab, writers can expect step-by-step detailed feedback from the instructor on Script Anatomy development tools, outline, and draft. Aside from helping you develop and write your script in 4 weeks (with breaks in between for outline and draft), this unique curriculum provides invaluable preparation for your first staffing job.  Writers are also expected to [More…]

Advanced TV Drama Pilot Lab

This 6-week intensive lab is limited to 8 writers and is run like a professional writers room. Every writer is expected to actively participate: read materials, pitch ideas, give notes, and work together as a room to help fellow writers in the story breaking process each week. This fast paced class requires that each writer devote [More…]

Advanced TV Comedy Pilot Lab

This 2 week prep + 6-week intensive lab is limited to 8 students and is run like a professional writers room. During lab, you will develop and write your material at the demanding pace expected in a professional environment using Script Anatomy tools.  All classmates are required to devote outside class time to homework, writing and, [More…]

Rewrite Lab

Need to rewrite your spec or pilot? This class is the place to do it! The instructor will read, evaluate, and customize a prescription for your current draft in the first session so you know exactly what to focus on in your rewrite. This course is perfect for students who want to re-break or re-write [More…]