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Margaux Froley is a Southern California native. She attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Since then she has worked for such TV networks as TLC, MTV, CMT, Travel Channel, HGTV, and AwesomenessTV.

In 2007 Margaux was chosen to participate in the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop after writing her first television spec script, and subsequently was hired as a staff writer on Privileged at the CW.

Margaux moved to New York when she was hired at the Director of Development for scripted and non-scripted series at MTV Networks. From there, she segued into a book deal to write a series of mystery YA books with Soho Teen/Random House.  The first book in the series, Escape Theory, debuted in 2013 to a Starred review in Publisher’s Weekly and was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best Young Adult Mystery. The second book, Hero Complex, came out in October, 2014.

In 2013 she was a Writers Guild Access Project honoree with her drama pilot Kat and Mouse, and in 2014, she sold a sci-fi pilot, Enhanced. She is currently Executive Producing a digital docu-series, This Is Summer, for AwesomenessTV.  Margaux is repped by Industry Entertainment.

Margaux uses the Script Anatomy tools for her own writing and is excited to share this process with other writers of all levels.

“I cannot say enough about how amazing Margaux is as an instructor. Her notes and thoughts were very well thought and considerate. I was most impressed, however, with how available she was to her students. She was always quick to respond to an email and ready to chat if necessary. Her class gave me the focus and guidance that I needed to produce one of the best spec teleplays I’ve ever written. I enjoyed Margaux so much that I even paid for a consultation from her for my original pilot outline! I’ve never been better prepared for the fellowships.

-Travis Oberlander


Margaux is a phenomenal, highly dedicated writing instructor.  I was blown away by her commitment to her students’ projects and found her constructive feedback invaluable.   The Televisionary techniques that Margaux introduced proved incredibly useful and transferable to other TV writing projects.  I encourage all writers to take this course.”

– Ariel Endacott


“This was my first attempt at writing for television, and it has been challenging. I had to re-break my story and, after getting notes in my current class (Advanced Spec Lab) that aligned with Margaux’s Televisionary notes about what wasn’t working, I knew it was time to go back to the drawing board.  I went back to the themes of my story that Margaux said worked and were universally resonating, and went back to the basics of what she taught me on day 1 of Televisionary. I kept my focus on my conceit, my themes, and the heart of the story I’m trying to tell, and found a new way of delivering that story. I’m at a point in my story now where I feel like all of the pieces finally fit, and all of the “moments feel like they are earned,” as Margaux has encouraged me to look at the craft. While writing my first spec has been challenging, it’s also been extremely rewarding and creatively fulfilling. I’ve kept at it and kept believing in the kind of story I want to tell in large part because Margaux gave me tools, resonating advice and, above all, unfailing encouragement to keep chipping away at it. What she taught me, and her mentorship through the challenges, kept me from giving up on my spec and I will always be grateful for what I’ve learned from her. I’m finally finishing my outline as I type this, and more importantly I’m finally confident in, and proud of, the story I’m crafting.  Thanks […] for giving this fledgling writer a kick ass first instructor.

Bradley Estrin


“Margaux was a really great teacher with really helpful feedback on my new pilot. I was able to get my outline in such great shape, better than any other TV outline I’ve written before. She was super nice, funny, and easy to talk to and very accessible for feedback and questions when I had them. I’m going to miss her as a teacher! The Script Anatomy process is amazing. I really feel like I can write any script from here on out using their process. I can see that this will help a writer once they get staffed too because it really breaks story in such an amazing way.”  

– Denise Cruz