Gil Hizon


Gil Hizon was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. As an infant, the only way his mother could keep him from crying was by placing him in front of the TV. In the late 90s, his family moved to the “exotic” shoreline town of Branford, Connecticut. The first of many culture shocks, Gil has lived in multiple cities – Chicago, London, and eventually Los Angeles.

Exposure to various unfamiliar environments caused Gil to express himself in different ways. Since graduating from Fairfield University with B.A. degrees in Theatre and Psychology, Gil has had many incarnations: poet, playwright, improv comedian, fashion designer, metal factory secretary, barista, editor of bar mitzvah videos, post-production coordinator and talent P.A., but TV writing is Gil’s one true north. He went back to school at Columbia College Chicago and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Television Writing/Producing.

Since 2014, Gil has written four specs, a web series, two features, and nine original pilots, most of which have placed in various contests and fellowships. He was a finalist for the 2015 CBS Writers Mentoring Program and the 2017 Disney|ABC Writing Program. Most recently, his romantic comedy feature, FINDING JAMES, was optioned.

Gil currently lives in Miracle Mile with his partner, William Schneider, a successful interior architect – and their two dogs, Duncan and Sebastian. In his spare time, Gil makes up sassy weekly horoscopes for his 5,600+ followers on Tumblr and volunteers at pet adoption events. He is petrified of raccoons.


Gil understands that it’s not only writing that makes you a writer, but has a clear understanding of the industry — he uses strategic business knowledge for the independent writer, incorporating networking and an organized business plan that’ll move your career to the next level.” 

— Eli Benavidez, TV Writer

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Gil’s insightful notes. He quickly gets to the heart of the matter and helps writers think about their scripts from a completely different angle. Gil is meticulous and an endless source of encouragement. I can’t recommend him enough!”

— Sabrina Almeida, 2017 CBS Writers Mentoring Program, 2015 NHMC TV Writers Program

“Gil is one of the hardest working writers I know. His tireless commitment to the craft not only shows in his multitude of completed projects, but in his contribution to the development of other writers. Gil’s insight and razor-sharp humor add a unique perspective to even the most polished of scripts.” 

— Paul Ditty, TV Writer