Ali Laventhol


Ali Laventhol, along with her writing partner and Script Anatomy founder Tawnya Bhattacharya, is currently a Writer/Supervising Producer on Freeform’s Famous in Love.  She has written on NBC’s The Night Shift, TNT’s Perception, The Client List on Lifetime and USA’s Fairly Legal. Tawnya and Ali’s NURSE JACKIE spec was selected for NBC’s Writers On the Verge Program in 2010 and Ali has been a reader for WOTV submissions each subsequent year, reading, scoring and writing coverage on several hundred scripts.

Ali started in the industry as a Visual Effects Compositor, working on feature film projects including TERMINATOR: SALVATION, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (II & III), DÉJÀ VU and MY BLOODY VALENTINE. In 2011 Ali earned her first producing credit on the indie feature PART TIME FABULOUS, which went on to win awards at the Berkshire Int’l Film Festival, Monaco Charity Film Festival and Albequerque Film Festival.

Having used the Script Anatomy development tools in her own writing, Ali is thrilled to bring them to a class setting where each writer will develop their project step by step with weekly feedback in a supportive environment.

Laventhol is repped by UTA and Heroes and Villains Entertainment.

“To say Ali is a great instructor would be an understatement, whatever is ten times great, that’s Ali. As someone who’s worked in a writer’s room, Ali runs her class very much like a room. It was like practicing for the real deal. I’ve taken writing classes outside of SA and I always go back to SA because the classes are more professional and the atmosphere is more serious and structured. I’ve been in classes that run late or students get off topic and it can get frustrating. That doesn’t happen here. A large portion of that is because of instructors like Ali.  Ali’s someone who’s very tuned in to the story you’re trying to tell and helping you tell that specific story. The notes are almost always specific with examples and ideas on how to elevate your work. But Ali’s also very honest about killing your “precious darlings” and does so in an absurdly patient manner.”

– Jeane Wong (Winner, Universal Cable Productions Pitch Fest 2016, former PGA Diversity Workshop fellow, Script Coordinator on ARROW for the CW)

“I’ve taken the Televisionary class and the Draft class with Ali and have been impressed both times with how she maintains a warm and encouraging environment while giving you the tools you need to take your material to the next level. She is experienced and knowledgeable about how story works and she will not just help you find what’s not working in your script, but also help you strategize on how to fix it. I have absolutely no doubt that Script Anatomy has made me a much stronger writer. I have won and placed in multiple contests with scripts I’ve written in their classes. I can’t recommend them highly enough!” 

-Rowan Wheeler (2016 Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest Top 5%, 2016 Sundance Episodic Story Lab 2nd Rounder)

“Ali Laventhol is a great teacher. She is certainly accomplished as a television writer, but what makes her uniquely effective in guiding other writers is her discerning eye for getting to the heart of a story.With surprising patience and warmth, Ali runs her class like a professional writer’s room. The ready, willing and resilient stand out. You will get the most out of her class when you come prepared — in your own work and in having read that of your peers. Ali’s approach is keenly focused on identifying and building upon meaning and relationship progressions, with an appreciation for structure. I have loved every single class I’ve taken at Script Anatomy, and I can’t wait for my next one with Ali Laventhol!”

– Pamela García Rooney

“Ali is knowledgeable, patient, supportive, and enthusiastic. She and the guidelines set up in the Script Anatomy classes break down the process of writing a Pilot to the smallest (but most important) details so that when I actually dove into my outline and then my first draft, the work was already done. Ali and the Script Anatomy classes changed the way I write and the way I develop a new project.”  

– Paul Luoma

“Ali Laventhol creates a warm and positive class environment that makes you feel proud of the pages you bring into class. I took the Outline to First Draft workshop with Ali, and with both her help and the notes of my classmates, emerged with a shiny spec that I felt confident using to apply for the various studio fellowship programs. She also teaches exercises that build on the Script Anatomy tools that help you improve your script with each pass. Before, when I went to rewrite, I would just go through the script trying to make it “better.” But after taking Ali’s class, I can look at specific aspects to improve and check off a list of elements that each scene should have. I left Ali’s class knowing I became a better writer.”

– Kay Kaanapu