Tawnya Bhattacharya, FOUNDER

Tawnya Bhattacharya is a writer, writing instructor, and founder of Script Anatomy, a writing school that helps television writers reach their writing goals and elevate their craft through classes, workshops and private consultations. Bhattacharya, a screenwriting teacher for the past 12 years, launched Script Anatomy in 2011 just as her professional writing career was getting off [More…]

Ali Laventhol

Ali Laventhol, along with her writing partner and Script Anatomy founder Tawnya Bhattacharya, is currently a Writer/Producer on Freeform’s Famous in Love.  She has written on NBC’s The Night Shift, TNT’s Perception, The Client List on Lifetime and USA’s Fairly Legal. Tawnya and Ali’s NURSE JACKIE spec was selected for NBC’s Writers On the Verge Program in [More…]

Kevin Townsley

Kevin was born a hustler straight from the streets of Detroit. He went from selling candy in the halls of his middle school, to selling weed and psychedelic mushrooms in high school and ultimately put himself through college with his drug enterprise. After graduating from The University of Arizona (The Harvard of the Southwest) with [More…]

Alyson Feltes

Alyson Feltes (Aly) is an established writer/showrunner in Canada, South Africa and the U.S. She is currently a Co-EP on Ozark on Netflix (set to stream May 2017). In early January 2017, Aly delivered a pilot script for a one hour drama to WBTV and NBC. She co-created Flash Forward for The Disney Channel and The Associates for CTV. She co-ran Traders for three Gemini award-winning seasons (including its [More…]

Eileen Jones

Eileen Jones is a drama writer, originally from Houston, Texas. A member of the 2016-17 Warner Brothers Writers Workshop, Eileen’s first writerly gig was interning at Texas Monthly magazine, where she ended up tasting and describing tortillas for their food critic. Since, her career has taken a different—but no less satisfying—path. She assisted Vice President [More…]

Margaux Froley

Margaux Froley is a Southern California native. She attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Since then she has worked for such TV networks as TLC, MTV, CMT, Travel Channel, HGTV, and AwesomenessTV. In 2007 Margaux was chosen to participate in the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop after writing her first television spec script, and subsequently was hired as a staff writer [More…]

Michael Perri

Michael Perri is a dramatic writer who was born Emmanuel Pedro until his adoptive parents changed his name when he was ten. Growing up in Chicago’s foster care system, he wrote plays and asked (okay forced) the other kids to act them out.  Before moving to LA to write full time, he traveled the world [More…]

Hollie Overton

An identical twin, growing up in Kingsville, Texas, Hollie Overton worked hard to stand out. When her jazz trombone dream fizzled and she scored only two points in her short lived basketball career, she was certain the newspaper biz was her calling. But after getting the axe from her hometown paper due to an unfortunate [More…]

Nora Nolan

Nora Nolan was born and raised in Maplewood, New Jersey and she never shuts up about it. Lauryn Hill went to her high school and Nora feels an enormous sense of urgency about sharing this fact before it is completely irrelevant (no offense to Ms. Hill). Nora is currently a member of the 2016-2017 Warner [More…]

Gil Hizon

Gil Hizon was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. As an infant, the only way his mother could keep him from crying was by placing him in front of the TV. In the late 90s, his family moved to the “exotic” shoreline town of Branford, Connecticut. The first of many culture shocks, Gil has lived [More…]

Zach Ayers

Zach Ayers is writer—mostly in drama, mostly in television. Before he moved to Los Angeles, Zach was a director and producer of training videos at the Central Intelligence Agency, which is an actual job in the actual US government. Before transitioning to drama, Zach spent several years working in comedy television, including THE DAILY SHOW [More…]

Ron McCants

Ron’s a passionate family man with two princesses and has experience in financial planning, private equity, information management, biotechnological engineering and business development. He focuses on writing comedy dramas that explore the human experience at the junction of crime and family, often fueled by dark secrets and deep shames. A multiple award-winning playwright, Ron’s had [More…]