TV Spec & Pilot Draft Intensive

This course is perfect for writers who have completed an outline and are ready to write their TV spec or pilot draft while reviewing and revising core structure and other key elements.

Starting with a pre-class PREP week, writers will read a selected comedy or drama script chosen by the Instructor as well as hand in their outline in its current incarnation in order to receive notes the first day of class.  In SESSION 2, writers will receive notes on pages from the instructor and their peers on the first half of their scripts; in the 3rd SESSION, writers will receive note on the second half of their scripts.

Lessons Focus On: Structure, Act Outs, Set up, Character Development, Strengthening Dynamic Relationships, Amping up Conflict/Stakes, Deepening Emotion and/or Comedy, Scene Techniques, and include In Class Exercises. This is not a rewrite class, though there will be revising and retooling of story and key elements to elevate your material.

COST: $500

Limit 8 writers

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