The Televisionary Writers Workshop Online: From Concept to Outline

In this intensive 5-week TV online course, writers have the option to focus on a TV spec or an original pilot. Your instructor will email you weekly tools and exercises that will guide you step by step through the process of crafting your script from concept to solid outline using Script Anatomy tools. You will receive weekly feedback from your instructor via email and have weekly group office hours via Skype. This applicable and hands-on course will help prepare you for staffing, development and studio writing program applications, as well as give you tools that will be useful in your development process throughout your career.

Classes will cover:

  • Hooks/Concepts
  • Arena
  • Loglines & Pitching
  • TV Story Structure
  • Strong Act Outs
  • Tone & Genre Expectation
  • Character Development
  • Dynamic Relationships
  • Conflict and Obstacles
  • Dilemmas & Goals
  • Stakes
  • Theme

…and more. Writers will learn tools to develop their TV scripts and have weekly assignments on concept, pitching, character development, outline, etc.

Additionally, writers who opt for Tier 1 will receive weekly peer feedback and instructor critique and evaluation of weekly assignments and material in a supportive environment.  Writers who choose Tier 2 will listen in on notes and lectures, then apply those tools to their own projects as they see fit without weekly feedback.



TIER 1 (lectures & tools with feedback/notes on project): $595 — Limit 8 writers 

TIER 2 ( lectures & tools without feedback/notes on project): $395 — Limit 20 writers

All writers will have the opportunity to participate in the Q&A at the end of each class. 

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