Advanced TV Spec Lab

In this 2 week prep + 4-week intensive lab, writers can expect step-by-step detailed feedback from the instructor on Script Anatomy development tools, outline, and draft.

Aside from helping you develop and write your script in 4 weeks (with breaks in between for outline and draft), this unique curriculum provides invaluable preparation for your first staffing job.  Writers are also expected to actively participate: read materials, pitch ideas, give notes, and work together as a room to help fellow writers in the story breaking process each week.  In a professional writers room, you must participate to keep your job — working this muscle will benefit you.

*REGISTER EARLY* — your first homework assignment is due before the first class!

Prerequisite: Televisionary Writers Workshop or sufficient experience.

Cost: $650.00

Limit: 8 writers

Prerequisite: Televisionary Writers Workshop

We strongly recommend you register at least two weeks early to ensure completing your prep work on time! 

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