Why Script Anatomy

Truth be told, I initially fell into teaching. After taking a two-year course in screenwriting at Writer’s Boot Camp, the founder of the company asked me to become an instructor. Me? Huh? Really?

I was about to get on a plane headed for London. “Uh… okay… sure… When?” It was August of 2005. “I’m going away for two weeks. Are you thinking maybe, like, the beginning of next year?” I wasn’t ready to just jump in headfirst. I needed to process. However, while in London I got an email: Could I start as soon as I got back September 15th? The very evening I returned.

September 15th, there I was, running on a heavy dose of nerves and jetlag, teaching my first class at Writers Boot Camp. I not only survived, I loved it. Having the opportunity to work with incredible writers of all ages and stages in their careers was a gift. I got to help them through the struggles and the progress, continually seeing the cloud of confusion descend and then lift when the light bulbs went off, and witness the breakdowns and the breakthroughs.

I became a better writer through teaching as well as a better teacher. Great teachers always learn from the student. I also became aware of certain weakness and/or missing steps in the process of many writers. Often these were things that myself or other colleagues struggled with, too. I remembered my early days of studying the craft. Much of the time I would sit there amazed. Everything they’re saying makes perfect sense! I’d leave charged up and ready to write. But then it would hit me: How the heck do you apply it?

It’s been a winding road of teaching writers, writing and rewriting, my own glaring missteps, foolish shortcuts, inspired trial and error and fortunate discoveries. But through it all, I’ve developed a practical and tangible approach to writing and rewriting screenplays. So it is with a great thrill that I welcome you to Script Anatomy. Let’s jump in headfirst!