Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship Accepting Submissions

The holidays are over, but the season for TV Writing Fellowships and Mentoring Programs begins.

Breaking into television is competitive business. Walk into any Starbucks or Coffee Bean and you’ll see fingers clacking keyboards on a sea of laptops. Fortunately there are a number of writer mentoring programs designed to polish and prepare “baby writers” for staffing positions: “NBC Writers on the Verge,” “WB Writers’ Workshop”, “Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship”, “CBS Diversity Institute Writers Mentoring Program”, “Fox Diversity Writers Initiative”, “Disney/ABC Writing Program”.

While most of the writing fellowship deadlines are coming up in the spring, The Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship application process is currently in session. They are accepting submissions between January 2, 2011 and February 28, 2011. So finish that final polish on your latest spec or write a new one. You. Have. Time. Do it.

Yes, competition is stiff in the fellowship arena, too. There were around 1200-1400 applicants for the 2010-2011 season for most of these writing programs, and I’ve been told that the number rises by a few hundred each year. However, if you have the chops and get in, the right fellowship or workshop can be an excellent way for baby writers to get their foot in the door. Many have secured agency and manager representation and/or gotten staffed on shows! At the very least you will elevate your writing to the next level and make some great friends and contacts in the process.

Get to work, writers! Be proactive about your screenwriting career and make your dreams come true. I firmly believe it’s all about getting your work out there and being persistent. Everything you are seeking is seeking you. Sooner or later your time will come. On that note…

I’m very proud to share that one of my former students, KIYONG KIM, has been accepted into Nickelodeon’s 2010-2011 Fellowship Program. This is a big accomplishment. Out of over 1000 applicants, 3 were accepted! Kiyong is a very talented writer and wonderful guy with a great writing future ahead of him. Though he’s very busy with the fellowship at the moment, when he has time he writes about his experience at “kiyong’s blog of creative pursuits.” Huge congrats, Kiyong! Well done.

For information on TV Writing Fellowship Programs and updates on submission deadlines, visit my RESOURCE PAGE.

Happy Writing!