Hi. I’m Tawnya Bhattacharya. Welcome to Script Anatomy, my website on script consulting services and classes for feature film and television writing.

It’s my belief that great storytelling requires not only a great idea, but also an in-depth development process and more than a little rewriting. I also believe that your growth as a writer is an ongoing process no matter where you are in your career. That’s why I’m here. To help you grow and to elevate your work to the next level.

Through years of teaching, studying and writing, I’ve become well-versed in all aspects of screenwriting from concept to “Fade Out”. So I can offer you not only an honest evaluation of your project, but a hands-on-approach to the development, writing and rewriting process.

Whether we start together from the ground up or dive back into a screenplay that’s not quite working yet, my consultations will be tailored to support your specific needs. And while we’ll delve into the craft of concept, character development, motivation, conflict, scene work etc., I specialize in structure, theme and the transformational arc. My mission is to empower you to write from the heart so that your storytelling will emotionally and viscerally impact the audience.

Please have fun navigating my site to learn more about me and what I do with Script Anatomy. I look forward to creating a powerful and meaningful story together. Read Tawnya’s bio.

Visit my Facebook Page for “shout outs” to my writers who are winning fellowships and contests, getting repped and finding work!

Happy Writing!

Tawnya Bhattacharya

Founder of Script Anatomy


About Script Anatomy

Great story can change minds, heal wounds, inspire, or even start revolutions.  Great story can change the world.  But you only get one chance to make a first impression.  So what are you waiting for?

SCRIPT ANATOMY is here to help you develop your writing potential to the fullest and realize your television and screenwriting writing dreams.

Maybe you’re starting on a new screenplay or trying to complete that project you can’t seem to finish.  Perhaps you’re ready to dust off an old script that never quite worked.  Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place.  SCRIPT ANATOMY can help.

Many writers I work with are looking to reach their next writing goal to get a step up in the business: secure a new agent or manager, submit to a prestigious contest, gain acceptance into a TV or screenwriting fellowship program, or make that sale!  Some want to simply further explore their craft and develop their voice.  Others are coming to screenwriting for the first time, sometimes as a change of career, or often from other disciplines in the entertainment industry: actors, directors, producers, even managers and agents.

After working with me, I want you, the client, to come away with a clearer vision of your project and new insight that will elevate your material to the next level.  I want you to walk away with a deeper understanding of the craft of television and/or screenwriting. I want you to be reinvigorated, not just on your current project, but on your next project… and the next.  Because with SCRIPT ANATOMY you’ll have shiny new tools in your toolbox to play with that will help you develop your future projects with greater success.

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