If you’ve Googled “TV & screenwriting classes” you know that there are a bewildering number of workshops and courses out there, a lot of them making similar promises.

Script Anatomy is different. It’s the only system designed and taught by a working television writer (me). It’s television-specific. And we teach practical tools that help writers develop their craft so that they can sustain a successful writing career.

It’s also not for everyone. If you write as a hobby or prefer a gentle pace, this may not be for you. I created Script Anatomy for people who are serious about breaking into the industry. This is the most rigorous and practical program of its kind.

As a working WGA writer/producer, I know what it takes to get ahead. I got my break through Fox Writer’s Initiative and NBC’s Writers on the Verge fellowship, and I have worked on several hit TV shows since. The purpose of Script Anatomy is to help writers advance the way I did. And that means equipping them for the current industry environment.

For instance – here, at Script Anatomy, we treat all our writers as dedicated emerging professionals. So we don’t sugar coat, we don’t blow smoke. Whether in consults or classes, our instructors will always give you an honest evaluation of your project. We expect hard work. Our writers come ready to roll up their sleeves and apply the tools we teach.

Throughout the year, we hold regular panel discussions with industry professionals – colleagues of mine, special guests, and Script Anatomy alumni who have graduated from our program and are working in the industry. In this business, contacts are critical and career paths are like snowflakes — no two are identical. So we work hard to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities that will help all of our students stand out from the pack. 

So if you’re serious about your writing goals, ready to improve your craft, and willing to do the work, then you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to working with you.

Tawnya Bhattacharya

Founder, Script Anatomy